Since 1923, the Arlington Volunteer Fire Department has been a part of the Arlington community. We are part of the past, present, and future of this community, serving with commitment and courage. This commitment comes from all the volunteer firefighters and EMTs of
Station 1, as well as from the support of the residents of Arlington County.

Station 1 was started with just: "A chemical engine of the latest design, carrying two forty-gallon tanks, with auxiliary and tanks and buckets," to which was soon added a "six-cylinder, 350-gallon-per-minute Reo pumper."At the time, it was the only station in South Arlington, one of the county's largest first call areas. The area was so open that, when a call came in, the firefighters could locate the blaze just by going out the door and looking for smoke.

AVFD1 was the first company to respond to the $30 million dollar Pentagon fire in 1959.    In 2001,  AVFD1 supported the efforts of Arlington County Firefighters in responding to the attacks that took place at the Pentagon on 9-11.  In addition, we were, for many years, the first aid provider at Redskin games at Griffith stadium.

We are part of the Arlington community, and the community is part of us.

If you are interested in firefighting, emergency medical response, or service to the community, I invite you to volunteer and participate in the continued tradition of our Station.

Consider this an open invitation to discuss how we may make the most of your talents and skills for community safety in Arlington County. It is a thrilling experience to assist in emergencies, participate in rescues, protect property, and save lives. Tragedy is also a reality that we face with courage.

As Station 1 Chief of the Volunteer Firefighters and EMTs, I personally welcome you to our new website and encourage you to contact us at any time for more information on our services and membership.

We are here to serve you and needs of the community
as we have every day since 1923.

Welcome to our new Website!

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